Company History and President’s Message

Company History and President’s Message HISTORY / GREETING

President’s Message– GREETING –

代表取締役社長 鈴木 康之

Future of People and Technology Created by the Micro World.

President and Representative Director
Yasuyuki Suzuki

In a world of rapid advancement and development in the face of AI, IT, and digital society, our staff believes it is our important mission to contribute to society through the manufacture and sale of micro grit abrasives.

We are committed to contributing to the manufacture of all kinds of products including semiconductors, automobiles, and electronic components while making every effort to contribute to the advancement of technology.

In 2019, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our founding. We will push forward with a new spirit toward the next generation.

Company History– HISTORY –

October 1969Founded Sankei Abrasive Kogyosho in Kita-ku, Nagoya City, and started manufacturing abrasive micro grits.
May 1970Started specialized manufacturing of WA micro grits.
March 1972Established a second plant in Kita-ku, Nagoya City and increased the production of WA micro grits.
December 1973Established Sankei Alumina Co., Ltd. with capital of 1 million yen.
December 1978Moved the plant to Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.
August 1981Increased the capital to 10 million yen.
June 1982Started manufacturing and sales of GC micro grits.
December 1983Expanded Head Office Plant.
September 1984Established Showa Sankei Co., Ltd., a 50-50 joint company, together with Showa Denko Co., Ltd.
January 1985Constructed the Tajimi Plant of Showa Sankei Co., Ltd. in Tajimi City.
March 1985Started manufacturing and sales of AZ micro grits.
February 1986Increased the capital to 20 million yen.
April 1987Constructed the Toki Plant and increased the production of WA micro grits.
November 1989Received an investment from Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. and increased the capital of 46 million yen.
November 1993Absorbed and merged Showa Sankei Co., Ltd., increased the capital to 75.5 million yen, and changed the company name to Heisei Sankei Co., Ltd.
May 1996Expanded the Tajimi Plant and strengthened the facilities.
August 2000New plant and administrative building completed. Head Office relocated.
December 2001The new president took office.
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